Austin Emery

Public Engagement


 Leathermarket Community Sculpture Workshops - Whites Grounds Estate, London, SE1

 Leathermarket Community Sculpture Workshops - Tyers Estate, London, SE1

The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone is a public collaboration art piece led by artist Austin Emery, which will solidify connections across the local community, London and beyond. Through this challenging time in history marked by divisive political and cultural happenings, we are bringing people together using art-making (stone carving) as a tool to enhance social cohesion, having fun and be creatively productive together! Pieces of stone, hand-carved by children and adult participants from Whites Grounds Estate, Bermondsey Street and the wider community during open public workshops, will be permanently assembled into this totemic monument along side stone fragments of historic London including Southwark Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament and even bones from the River Thames. Together this will form a living art heritage, connecting people across time, social and geographical boundaries. The work of yesterday’s stone masons will exist along side the contemporary work of today’s community.